Coronavirus Affecting Bitcoin

Bitcoin Price raising skyrocket because of China coronavirus? Bitcoin had climbed up to approximately 9300USD. Bitcoin had gone up nearly 10% this week because of coronavirus. The coronavirus had killed 300 people in China and 14,000 people were infected by this new virus. Prevention of coronavirus is taken by the China Government to prevent outbreak […]

Donal Trump VS Iran

Since November,2019 bitcoin price had not changed a lot. Not until when Donal Trump launches his attack to Qassem Soleimani an Iranian general. After Donal Trump successfully killed the general bitcoin price had a spike up almost 15% of its original price. What will happen if Iran takes revenge on Donal Trump? Will bitcoin price […]

Youtube Banning Bitcoin

Google last banned talking about bitcoin and making ads about bitcoin lastly allowing them during September last year. Now Google decided to remove videos from Youtube talking about bitcoin. In 27 of December 2019, Youtube said that it was an error for removing those videos. With the massive volume of content maker uploading videos in […]

Facebook Libra

What is Facebook Libra? On June.18,2019 Facebook officially introduced their new coin Facebook Libra that uses blockchain technology. Facebook is trying to create their currency that can be spend all over the world. Facebook also announced that they are partnering with company such as Amazon, Visa, Master Card, Uber, Paypal and many more. Facebook announced […]

Chinese Social Media Ban Talking Bitcoin

The China ”Facebook” is know as Weibo banned user posting article and thought on cryptocurrency and crypto trading. Although they had banned article about crypto user still can talk about blockchain technology. Article about crypto laws are also restricted as stated in Weibo’s rules and regulations. Binance Recently Binance came up with an idea trading […]

Alibaba Working With Bitcoin

The largest Asia E-commerce Alibaba partnership with Lolli an affiliate webstore that give cash back using bitcoin. This announcement came out yesterday November.11.2019.November.11 is known as Single Day a chinese shopping day same as U.S.’s Black Friday. It is reported that Alibaba Group have make over 38 billion revenue in just one day which was […]