How to Buy Bitcoin

Where to Buy Bitcoin

There is many ways and places to buy bitcoin one of the ways is buying Bitcoin from exchange. One of the exchange Bitfinex is one of the world most secure and largest crypto trading exchange. Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin and many more can be bought on the exchange. If you are new to Bitcoin, Bitfinex is the best exchange site for you as it is the world largest Fiat Exchange Site.

Fiat Exchange site is basically a site for beginners as bitcoin can be bought using credit card, bank account and cash. Some of the exchange only allow you to trade bitcoin but not buying it. So you can start by buying a Bitcoin in a Flat Exchange Site such as Bitfinex and transfer it to your Crypto Exchange. Poloniex is an example of a Crypto Exchange where only crypto can be exchange inside.

How to Create an Account in Bitfinex

Step 1

Click on the link here to link you to the website.

Step 2

Click sign up on the top right of the Official Website Of Bitfinex.

Step 3

Fill up all the information and a minimum fee must me paid as a deposit as to ensure you are an real investor.

Step 4

You can start buying Bitcoin or other Crypto with your credit card now.

Which Exchange To Use If Wanted To Trade Cryptocurrency Only

I would really recommend using Binance. Why? Binance offer a wide rage of new cryptocurrency unlike other exchange. It makes crypto listing way easier than other crypto exchange. If you want to trade new cryptocurrency that have the potential to grow like bitcoin you can visit to here:Official website of Binance. It also offer wide rage of services such as margin trading to attract more daily traders. Other than that, it also provide an services which help to analyze your coin and give you some advise on it.