What Is Bitcoin

Bitcoin Info

Until this day, the creator of Bitcoins which is the most famous cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto is still unknown as stated by Mills (2018). So, what is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a new type of currency which uses the technology called blockchain technology. As stated by Bitcoin.org (n.d.) blockchain technology is a shared public ledger which everyone can view through the official website ledger.

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About Bitcoin History

In 2018, Matharu claimed Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin can be bought, sold and exchange to another commodities, hence now Bitcoin can be view as money or commodities. There are a few problems that faced by the investor in the economy which is the unstable price of cryptocurrency in the market and the rate of cybercrimes increasing year by year, causing lose in a large amount of money. Bitcoin only will cost you about 30 cents USD nine years ago. The price keeps going up until 2013 when bitcoin is found used by the criminal to trade money. In the same year, Bitcoin caught the attention of china’s social media and investors from China. It becomes a bit hit in china but it did not last very long. Even though, Bitcoin price keeps rising until it hit the highest price point 2 years ago. The highest price per Bitcoin is roughly 19000 USD