ClickMeeting is a   Webinar(presentation through the web)Hosting Provider.It is  easy to use and cover the whole Webinar process. ClickMeeting is the perfect place for you to group a  targeted audiences  to   deliver knowledge, show  expertise  and  generate more sales





Video Marketing Platform 

Automated your webinar and focus on sales. Upload your recording and let the platform do the magic

Generate More Sales

Explain in details why your product suit them.Make them took action on the Call-The-Action button on live

Facebook & Youtube live Sync

Reach more audience with your social media network like never before. Allowing you to have more potential customers

How World Top Company Benefit From ClickMeeting

The Woolmark Company is the global authority on wool. The Woolmark Company decided to provide educational resources for knowledge and inspiration. It will be very hard for the company to conduct seminar at every colleges. To reach the participants scattered across the globe, they decided to make use of Clickmeeting Webinar.

Subway Russia promote it’s business opportunity with ClickMeeting. Hosting webinars makes it possible to engage with customers regularly. Making it stand out from the competitors.

Jellyfish hosted a successful webinar which they talked about technical features and integration capabilities of the new marketing platform. They reached an over 50% conversion rate from registrants to attendees; that’s a very strong result. The intuitive and easy to use ClickMeeting webinar platform helped them make it happen.


  • Charge for Attendees. This is by far the best feature for Web conferencing. Only a few web conferencing tools have this feature. Zoom does not have this feature in their paid plans.
  • Allow Your video or Webinar to Elevate to the Next Level. Integrations like YouTube and Facebook. This is also another very useful feature that even Zoom did not have.
  • User Friendly. It will be a little bit tricky for those who have never started a course online before but the official website provides full tutorials and customer support. 
  • Viewable From Multiple Platforms and Devices. Full description on their official site.
  • User Friendly. It only took you a few clicks to know how to use the tool.
  • Quick Meeting Room. It is very simple all in one tool for a quick meeting for a small group of people. Having over 40 people in the group will cause lag, bug out of the meeting, and so on.
  • Hold brainstorming sessions. Every person have access to the whiteboard and it is very useful while brainstorming.
  • Recording Feature. This allow you to playback the meeting if miss any informations

Zoom, Skype and Google Meet

List Of Function Of ClickMeeting

Number of live webinars


Number of online meetings


Extra presenters




HD quality

Recording storage
30 min 
File storage
500 MB 

Screen sharing


Screen control


Presentation mode

Polls and surveys
Private chat
Real time chat translation
Chat moderation



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