Bitcoin Website Building

Building a website from scratch is certainly a painful path. Building a website with your own domain name is harder than you think. There are several website building websites or apps that help you to create an awesome website in just a few minutes. But that is not the case, the website that they build for you are full of ads from their company and doesn’t let you own the domain. What is a domain name? It is basically a name for your website (Example:www.btcregulations.info). Not owning a domain means that you without having your name.

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After Having Your Domain

Then you will need a hosting plan and so on. After you have your website done you will need traffic and linking from other domains in order to help you rank higher in the search results. How are you going to find a site to link you? Searching through Google? That is stupid and time-consuming. You are going to need a tool call backlink checker. There are several backlink checkers in the market but SEMrush is the best(In My Opinion).


SEMrush allows you to check your competitors’ backlinks and provide you a list of them(How Well Do You Know Your Competitors? Find out their traffic insights to gain your competitive advantage)helping you to rank higher. Other than that SEMrush also has more than 20 tools for the blogger to use. Tools such as Keyword Checker, Website Statistics and many else more. It is the most ideal tools under one roof for a Website builder, blogger and internet influencer. It can also help you to analyze data and suggest the best keyword for your ads and content in order to boost the maximum visitors for you. SEMrush is incompatible with other SEO tools in the market for now.

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