Facebook Libra

What is Facebook Libra? On June.18,2019 Facebook officially introduced their new coin Facebook Libra that uses blockchain technology. Facebook is trying to create their currency that can be spend all over the world. Facebook also announced that they are partnering with company such as Amazon, Visa, Master Card, Uber, Paypal and many more.

Facebook announced that they will not be releasing they coin until the have the approval from the US Regulator. Facebook also create a wallet named Calibra same as Bitcoin Wallet, to store Libra coin or to make transaction using this wallet. Libra Coin will not be able to premine or mine even after release. This is beacause Libra is an non-profitable coin.

Libra coin is still an unknow to a lot of people. Facebook haven’t announce the official date that libra will be lunch to public. Are Facebook are trying to make payment easy globally or just trying to create an currency and take full control of it. 

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