Ethereum Got Stolen

On Nov.27 2019, Upbit a Korean Exchange Site report that about 35,000 Ethereum which worth about 45M to 50M got stolen. They found out that a 35,000 have been transfer to an account which they believe that account belong’s to the hacker. They took immediate respond and move down all their coin to offline wallet to prevent anymore attacks while having their employee to prevent other attack. Their server had been down about two weeks time and had a major lost but this is the online way to prevent even more lost.

Upbit had a major lost this year also the most value worth of cryptocurrency got hacked this year. Upbit stated that they are going to pay back that 50M to all the user that have lost ethereum in this scam. Luckily that have the asset withstand this lost or else it will be shutdown. People should be aware when choosing the Exchange to trade Cryptocurrency. Exchange with enough power such as Upbit can return your money but not for those small or medium exchange.

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